Sunday, January 18, 2009

What we're doing this week

OK so here's the Bailey Does Obama itinerary. Today (Sunday) we're heading down to the Lincoln Memorial for the special inauguration concert. There's a whole bunch of people playing, including Bono, Beyonce and Bruce Springstein (apparently, your name has to begin with B). Thanks to Melissa, we have press credentials, so can swan in and out. Tonight, we may go to a party for the state of Montana, called the Big Sky Party, at a club called Ibiza.

Tomorrow night (Monday) we're going to the Texas Black Tie and Boots ball. I won't be wearing boots, but I will be wearing a black tie. I intend to be the charming British man that everyone wants to talk to. In the daytime tomorrow, I might help Amy at her work, handing out the inauguration tickets to people that are coming to collect them. Or I may check out a musueum or two that I didn't check out before - but, it's Martin Luther King day, which is a holiday here, so everything could either be very closed or very busy.

Tuesday is the big Inauguration Day. We have tickets to the blue section of the West Standing area in front of the Capitol Building. We have to be there incredibly early - I think the plan is to leave Melissa's apartment at about 5am, and walk the two miles (from Dupont Circle) to the Capitol. We have to be screened, then we have to get in line, and then we have to get a good spot. They've given out more tickets than they have spaces for, so we have to be there super early. The swearing-in must finish by midday (it's in the constitution). You can watch it live online, or on possibly every television anywhere in the world.

On Tuesday night, we're going to the Obama Home States ball at the Washington Convention Center. It's one of the ten official Inauguration Balls, which Obama himself is therefore guaranteed to be at. He'll probably be there for 10 minutes in a room full of five thousand people, but it's still quite exciting.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a big Sam Bailey fan, and would love to see her come to my neck of the woods for a concert (not far from DC). However, I must ask her what is so exciting about being in a room with the worst president in the history of this country? Sam, please get with what that man is doing to the very close ally of the UK!

Sam Bailey said...

Ha, idiot