Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Myspace Impacts on Election

Myspace are running a portal page to each of the Presidential candidates' Myspace pages. I'm not sure if the myspace people set up the pages as well, but it's an interesting way to a) get young people interested in politics (the youthful addiction to voting/rating things doesn't seem to spill over into the real world particularly), and b) have a cheap popularity contest, though, I guess the electorate in this vote are much younger than in the real election. Hilary currently has 3,023 friends, and Barack Obama has 74,229.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Me and Tom went to Wembley on Saturday, for the Community Day - the first public opening of the stadium, to test their crowd management. Their was a couple of celeb football games, but mainly it was a chance to walk around the stadium and take photos (here are mine, on flickr and here are Tom's) and go WOW.

P1030514.JPG P1030519.JPG P1030564.JPG P1030520.JPG
P1030554.JPG P1030557.JPG P1030561.JPG P1030567.JPG

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Amusing cock-up of the week.

The Terry and Fearne show goes off the rails on the Eurovision Making Your Mind Up show. God knows what went wrong (earpiece faults? Maybe the lead changed at the last minute? Maybe Terry's a doddery old fool? Who knows), but it was hilarious and rounded off a great day of drinking and celebrating.

Fearne Cotton seems to have become one of these "safe pair of hands" presenters - she was on Comic Relief the night before, she did the Oscars for sky - she's quite irritating, but can always keep a programme on track, always finds something to say to keep things moving (even if it is something banal and vacuous). I quite like the way she "wheeled" Terry around the programme last night, sort of acting like the tour guide to his septuagenarian tinsel-and-turkey weekender. Come on grandad, it's time to read the winner out. Werther's original? Bless.

(ps, my mate Zoe built the Scooch website, way back in 2000 and it's still live)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tony Blair ain't bovvered

The highlight of last night's Comic Relief show, Tony Blair appearing in a sketch with Catherine Tate. Little tricks like this can do wonders for a politician - Tony Blair is fairly universally disliked in this country at the moment, and seen as dead weight hanging on for dear life. I bet anyone that saw this thought kinds thoughts about him for the first time in ages.

Friday, March 09, 2007