Monday, January 03, 2011

Inane commentary over Back To The Future

I watched Back To The Future the other day, and realised I think the same thoughts every time I see it (and that must be at least 20 times).  So I decided to tweet my inane thoughts.  Here they are.  Watch BTTF and read these along with it.

  • I will now provide inane commentary over Back To The Future on Blu-Ray
  • Surely the experiment at Twin Pines Mall was not Doc's VERY first experiment? He went to all that effort without doing small scale trial?
  • The camper van the Libyans chase Marty in is almost identical to my camper van. There's no way it can do 70 on the flat, let alone 90
  • The plutonium is a very very clever plot point. Perhaps the cleverest. Think about all the things that wouldn't have happened without it...
  • No plutonium, no radiation suits, no bullet proof vest underneath, no denouement. (You could easily get 1.21GW from a local power station)
  • Is it acceptable to rip pages out of phone books in cafes? Also, Marty buys 1955 coffee with 1985 coins. Wouldn't be possible in the UK!
  • Michael J Fox was 24 playing 16. In the other two films he was 28 playing 16. At what point does a short guy say "that's just patronising"?
  • In 1955 lorraine's dad says "who the hell is John F Kennedy?". JFK was elected to congress in 47 and senate in 53, so was prob quite famous
  • (ok so 1.21GW is quite a lot to get from a power station... Just read that all of Belgium's power stations only generate 1.01GW)
  • Why don't we harness and store the electricity from lightening storms? Must be possible, surely?
  • The average peak power output of a single lightning stroke is actually about 1000 Gigawatts - surprised the flux capacitor didn't blow!
  • Could 1985 Walkmans with foam wire headphones really play loud enough to make you feel that level of pain? (Eddie van Halen pain!)
  • Blu-Ray is very unforgiving to the very obvious stunt doubles in the skateboard/car chase set piece. Check out "Biff" driving in particular!
  • Did the lightning strike the clock tower at precisely 22:04:00? Are you sure? It's a rather hokey old clock with no second hand...
  • Christopher Lloyd is a master of comic timing and facial expression.
  • I always remember the Dance section of this film so well. Aged six, I had a mini-comic, which came free with Shreddies. It was part 5 of 6.
  • You caused $300 damage to my car you son of a bitch, and now I'm gonna take it out of your ass #snigger
  • After George decks Biff, I always look for the "I think he took his wallet" guy in the gathering crowd.
  • That ginger dork that cuts in when they're dancing, he's got a bloody maniacal laugh!
  • Hey Chuck, it's your cousin Marvin Berry. You know that new sound you're looking for? Well listen to THIS, then plagiarise it word for word!
  • Oh but actually Chuck, you've missed all the good bit and now he's just going a bit mental on guitar. It's ok, I can remember most of it.
  • Do you think their memories would be so addled over 20 years that they'd not notice their son growing to resemble the guy who set them up?
  • He has to hit that cable the split second the lightning strikes! Why not use a long tether cable, to give him more of a margin of error?
  • 10 minutes? You're in a time machine, you've got all the time you want, but you're only setting the clock back 10 minutes? Gaagh!
  • Bring Jennifer along, this concerns her too. When the actress decides she doesn't want to be in the sequel, we'll just recast her
  • Where we're going we don't need Rrrroooads
  • And that concludes my commentary of Back To The Future which, all evidence to the contrary, is one of my favourite movies of all time.