Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Obamarama begins

My first experience of the Obamarama and I've not even left the uk yet. I'm sat in the plane at the departure gate and the plane is chock full of excited Americans. One lady just yelled 'raise em up for Obama!' and half the plane whooped an hollered. I've a sore throat at the moment, so my voice is too hoarse and my sensibilities too British to join in.

This same woman keeps on shouting 'who's actually going then, to the inaug, I'm actually going'. Show off. I should tell her I'm going and I'm also going to three balls, including the Obama Home States ball on Tuesday night, with the man himself. But, as I said, too hoarse, too British.

They have now just whooped and cheered when the pilot said the word Washington. And then they made a pact to, everytime anyone says Washigton, to say Obama. I can't help but think of Randy from South Park (watch the whole episode):

Ok, off we go....

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