Saturday, January 20, 2007

American Presidential Election 2008

I'm planning on following the two-year US election campaigns in as much detail as I can. From watching the West Wing I've started to find US politics and its history really fascinating. Season 6 covered the primary election process, and season 7 covered the general election process - knowing the process, and having seen it played out with fictional characters, I'm really interested to see it play out for real. So, to start with, here's the BBC's piece on each party's top 6 contenders. For my money, I'd love to see a Clinton/Obama democratic ticket fight a Giuliani/Gingrich republican ticket. Barack Obama, has announced he's running, and I find him a fascinating character. Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton's an obvious candidate, not as charismatic. But both would be a first for US politics, and they've definately had enough of "the usual" I think.

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