Friday, November 12, 2010

My brother's band, played by the BBC!

UPDATE: They've now been played by Rob da Bank on Radio 1.  Here's the audio clip -

And because they've been played on the BBC, they're now entitled to a BBC Music artist page, which is here -


My brother's band, Smerins Anti-Social Club, were played on the radio! This is very excited, so I clipped the bits for posterity. Obviously I cut out the track (Doctor Who) - you can download that for free at their website.

On 6 Music with Nemone on Monday -

Then mentioned again the day after -

And then played on Janice Long on Radio 2 -

I also took a snapshot of them being listed on Janice Long's tracklistings. Very weird to see their band name on something so familiar as a BBC /programmes tracklisting page!

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