Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hospital adventures

On Tuesday morning I was riding to work on my scooter. A driver pulled out without looking, and I had to slam the brakes on. I skidded, dropped the bike, and broke my wrist. Here are some tweets from the last few days -

  • I'm Nil-by-mouth now, whilst everyone around me is eating breakfast. Rubbs!
  • This is so they operate on the correct arm. Which is reassuring.
  • Hello world. Am alive and back on ward. Arm dead weight due to nerve blocker. Quite surreal. Op all as planned.
  • I am the bionic man now -
  • Arm is waking up. It's as if a hundred frozen cars have defrosted and are trying their engines, one by one. Vroom (ow), Vroom (ow) etc
  • Look what's right outside my hospital doors?
  • SHUT THAT FUCKING BEEPING UP!!! #tryingtosleepinahospital
I've decided not to ride a scooter again. I normally don't allow things like this to set me back, but my other half has asked me not to. She very rarely asks me not to do anything, so I have to take notice. Thing is, I'm an excellent rider, driver, and cyclist - all in all, a very aware road user. But accidents like this happen completely out of your own control, no matter how good you are. So I'm going to stick to the tube and the camper from now on. Was fun while it lasted and I'm glad I learnt to ride and had some fun.


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where's the flash timeline?

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fascinating stuff, maybe you should write a book?

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Delia ftw :D

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